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I just want to remember this forever

I didn't catch the very last line when I saw it the first time :)
but now I forget how the conversation started...

best unexplained kid moment this week:

7 year old T stands behind me with a scrunchy and starts pulling my hair into a ponytail. She is kind of forceful.

T: You could be cute.
Me: Oh yeah?
T: Yeah, you could be cute. Your boyfriend would like you.
Me: I think he likes me already.
T: (drops my hair, fortunately) *in shock* You have a boyfriend!?
Me: Yes...
T: What's his name?
Me: James.
T: (small squeal) I'm gonna tell all the teachers!
(She runs over to the nearest teacher and shouts "Miss Laurel has a boyfriend and his name is James!" Then repeats with the other 3. They each turn and give me a weird look.
Totally forgot I still had the Juniata alumni email address. Logged in for the first time in 7 or 8 months, and had mostly survey invitations, but also a backwards time story of this place I did an internship with 6 years ago... the most recent email being "a quick note to sign off" as they clean out their offices. Budget cuts in the DEC mean that there will no longer be an environmental education center there. I guess they are just going to close up the buildings, and the woods and habitats and trails will either be maintained periodically by someone else, or will go wild. So there's the final email from December 31st, a few leading up to it, some normal and happy emails and announcements from them before that. And two about family members of the people I knew who have died...

It's just particularly sad. I haven't gone back or really communicated with them since, but it was a great place and they are great people.

2010 is almost over :(

Something Wonderful


Yes, I'm a little disapointed even though 2001 is long over.

I think "2010" is the coolest sounding and best looking year I can remember.


Dec. 15th, 2010

I would just like to say that I have wanted a Bluetooth headset since before they were invented and I am exciting that I am now living in the future and have a thing that looks cool that is on my ear. Also everyone else is over it so I am equally living in the past :) But it still feels like I am on Star Trek or Atlantis!
I'm kind of excited, I made an Etsy store. Inspired by the fact that there's so much crap (and sometimes cool things...) on Regretsy.com, I decided to put two things up on Etsy myself. I once wore a necklace I made of Atlantis to work and a coworker said she liked it and was surprised I made it and I should sell them etc etc so even though it is a long shot, I think it's worth the $0.20 to indulge my little fantasy and write descriptions of items that James says are goofy and take pictures of the necklace on me as I wear my Atlantis uniform jacket, which he says is dorky.
Anyway here's the shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/hysilvinia
Um, anyone let me know if there is something awful I missed...
Aha, I remembered something. I'm generally good with kids, but in a friendly way, not so much in an authoratative way, at least, not with the ones who are inclined to not listen (I'm good with the ones who are innatentive/distracted like I was, but not the ones who are bad for attention. The ones with anger, I'm not sure about).

I realized today that it's because I talk to them normally and reason with them. If that works, it works really well. Playing along but steering things also works. But if they're being naughty, it doesn't really do much. So I was trying to get this affectionate but disobedient girl to stop fooling around in the sink and wasting water after she had helped clean the art supplies. Saying "come on now, you're done" and "stop wasting water," which are what would work on me, didn't do anything. After trying all the reasoning I could think of, out of the blue I just said "One." I had no idea what number I was counting to, and I don't know what she thought would happen when I got to 3 or 5 or whatever, but it worked immediately. I vaguely remember the 1...2...3 thing, and maybe pushing it a little bit, but always jumping to be done by the magical 3. I guess at 3, I turn into a scary monster? Or a real adult? I don't know, but now I know it works.
programing things is always satisfying

Nov. 17th, 2010

According to wikipedia:

"The noun octopus is often made plural in English as octopi, originally from the mistaken belief that it is of Latin origin and that all Latin nouns ending in -us take -i to form their plural. However, this is correct only for Latin masculine nouns of the second declension. For Latin fourth-declension nouns such as nexus, the only difference between nominative singular and nominative plural is the length of the vowel (which is normally not written): nexūs. Furthermore, in a few third-declension (consonant-stem) neuter nouns the –us is part of the stem, not an ending; thus corpus, corpora (from earlier corpos, corposa). In fact, octopus is derived from Greek, not Latin. Octopuses is generally considered correct in modern English. [12][13] The plural in Greek is in fact octopodes, hence the expression "octopi is ignorant in three languages simultaneously"."